Social Media tips for Fairfood International

Fairfood International is one of those rare nonprofit organizations that has built social media into their overall strategy. On June 4th, I had the privilege to talk to Gihan HassaneinSenior Manager Communications, and to Marije Visée, Manager Campaign Communications, as I was being interviewed for their vacancy of a part-time Online Communications Manager.

My ideas on how the organization could improve their use of Social Media became the main focus of this conversation.

Strategical thinking

Facebook page of Fairfood International

With a Facebook fan base of over 101.000 likers, over 12.000 Twitter followers and more than 900 LinkedIn followers, Fairfood most certainly belongs to the bigger players in the field of social media for nonprofits.

I’m convinced that thorough strategical thinking and the implementation of a good action plan is what lies behind this huge success. But Fairfood wants to do even better, and asked for my advice. Underneath are some of the tips I shared with Gihan & Marije during the interview.

Tip 1: Storytelling

A first tip was aimed at improving Fairfood’s content strategy.

People love to hear stories, especially those with a happy ending. Well, at least I do! If children are forced to labour, I would like to read about Fairfood’s succesful advocacy that made that company stop putting children at work and now is financing the building of a school. I would most certainly ‘Like’ such a story, even more if I would be one of those 101K Facebook likers that earlier donated to Fairfood.

Global Map of hotspots of Fairfood InternationalI’m convinced Fairfood has access to tons of stories that showcase the results of their efforts, but I couldn’t find them on the website. Neither were they prominently amplified on Fairfood’s social media channels, something I most certainly recommend.

Tip 2: Personalize

A second tip was aimed at improving Fairfood’s engagement strategy.

Social Media is about showing the human face of the organization, so why not take this literally? People aren’t likely to interact with a logo, I think they would rather start a conversation with the face of someone that works at the organization they admire so much!

So I would recommend Fairfood to have their Facebook administrators using a ‘business’ personal profile with a Profile Picture that combines their own face with the Fairfood logo. To see an example, take a look at the profile picture I am using myself at my Eclectic Lines Facebook page.

Once the administrator faces are in place, the default visibility of posts by others should be set to ‘Hidden from Page’ in the page settings. From now on, administrators will have to moderate any content posted by others and all content will be pushed to the central timeline. To avoid double information, the visibility of the ‘Recent Posts by Others’ box can be unflagged.

Excerpt from the Facebook page of Eclectic LinesThe strategy will result in a variety of content coming from different contributors, both from administrators as from those fans whose content was accepted on the timeline, something they will appreciate a lot!


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