Managing Twitter Followers with Social Bro

TwitterFollowers_featureTo follow back or not to follow back, that’s the question. To deal with this daily question, you must put a follow back policy in place.

In this post, I explain how I use Social Bro as a tool to implement this policy for my client’ follow back policy

@YouRockjobs follows back all accounts that:

  • are part of the target audience
  • relate to content themes we selected for positioning

@YouRockjobs doesn’t follow back any account that:

  • doesn’t relate to the above
  • has a bio description that is either empty, spammy, nonsense or purely commercial

Using Social Bro to implement the follow back policy

Select your community with the criterium “Followers not reciprocated by you”, order it by “Date Followed You” and click to sort it by “newest first” (red arrow):


Hover over the Twitter handles to check the bio descriptions and decide upon the policy whether to follow back or not:


Once decided you’re not to follow back an account, select the account and add the tag “not followed back”:


Keep the account selected and add it to the blacklist, to avoid having to repeat the exercise in the future:


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