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Armando Liussi (2Shareworld.com)

I love it when people use metaphors to explain complex stuff, especially when comparing the offline world with the parallel online world of social media. Armando Liussi Depaoli (alias Mandomando),  teacher of the Cibernàrium course “Facebook Ads for small companies & marketing managers” is a master in this art.

The goal is Love

Social media are not a place for selling… but you will not be doing well if you’re not selling over there – @victorpuig

“Never forget that Facebook is a party,”  Mando explains “it’s not a place for using corporate language. Do not insert product descriptions, prices, discounts or calls to buy stuff. On Facebook, this is absolutely not-done!”.slide presentation of the course "Facebook Ads for SME's & marketing managers" (in Spanish)

Facebook is about branding, about creating the right feeling around your product or service. “The goal is love”, says Mando “you want people to talk about you to their friends. Once this happens, the efforts of your community managers will automatically lead to sales.”

Online reputation management: good & bad practies

There are only 2 groups of people active on social networks: those that make mistakes and those that made those mistakes before – @mandomando

A legendarily example of a bad practice was the Killer Nestlé case – a Greenpeace campaign to stop Nestlé from destroying the Indonesian rainforest through their palm oil extraction for the production of the Kit Kat brand – a practice that was endangering the natural habitat of orangutans.

The Killer Nestlé case: Greenpeace & the rainforestNestlé did everything a company should not do when confronted with a crisis: considering their Facebook page their private property, deleting comments, threatening people, responding criticism with criticism, minimizing the importance of the incident, etc.

In no time, hundreds of anti-Nestlé blogs & Facebook pages were created and the issue became big news in mainstream media channels. (Do a google search on Nestlé + rainforest to read more about the story).

A good example of online reputation management is The Body Form Case – be prepared for their hilarious response!

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