Influencers & conversion at “I am Your ID”

Not everything has yet been said about my participation at last week’s event “SMEs and social media: how to get the most out of it?”, as I haven’t yet told you about Marc Castanyer (@marccastanyer) – the co-founder of I AM ID Solutions, a start-up that successfully launched an online business of selling colourful silicon bracelets that – in case of an emergency – can identify lost kids, seniors with memory lacks or athletes involved in an accident…

The silicone safety bracelets from Imyourid.comMarc’s success story was a welcome relief for the sense of disorientation, frustration & confusion that was felt during the event when the audience was told to completely change the way they were doing promotion today…

Marc Castanyer: “After two months of selling & marketing our product exclusively online, we already reached the sales we expected to reach within 6 months. Without the internet, it would never have been possible!”

Of Influencers, Prescribers & Opinion Leaders

The secret behind the succes of lies in their understanding of how marketing works in the age of internet. Before launching their online shop, they made a thorough research to identify the ‘influencers’ of their target group: the people that love outdoor sports and that, in case of accident, are difficult to identify because they normally wear no identity papers while practising their favorite sport.

Blog of @eduluke75, one of the influencer of ImYourID.comInfluencers are opinion leaders who, through word-of-mouth, have informal influence over potential buyers. Confronted with an increasing complexity of purchase decisions, people naturally seek a guide, someone they can trust […] and can offer good reliable informed insights, advice and information [1].

Being sportsmen themselves, Marc Castanyer and his business partner Isi Flores identified their influencers by scanning the internet for those bloggers whose content they felt ‘affiliated’ with. They then selected and approached those bloggers that were showing a lot of engagement (comments, likes, shares…) on both their blog and social media platforms.

Blog "It's a powder Day", another influencer of ImYourID.comExamples are the runner @eduluke75 ( and the skier @powderdaysnow ( Marc Castanyer: “When the blogger of ‘It’s a Powder Day!’ published his prescription post about our product, it received 800 visits in only 24 hours, resulting in 120 clicks towards our website!”

‘Reach’ and ‘Conversation Rate’

 Facebook reach of a status update of ImYourID.comAnalyzing the origin of incoming clicks is one way of measuring the impact of using Social Media in an online marketing campaign, but other indicators are important too. In the case of, one of the indicators is the ‘reach‘ of their Facebook page. Although the number of Page Likers isn’t that high so far, the virality of their status posts has been quite high in the past two months: with 100 likers they reached an average of 500 interactions, and about 1.000 people got to see the posts.

But how does this all ‘converts’ in what finally matters: the number of orders of safety bracelets on the webshop?

Marc Castanyer: “Our marketing plan has been drafted, but we haven’t yet had the time to bring things into action. Our early success has surprised us, and we aren’t yet measuring our conversion rate [the number of orders per page visits, ed.], but in the coming months we most certainly will!”

[1] Changing Market Relationships in the Internet Age, Jean-Jacques Lambin, p109