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4 Social Media Tools Worth Paying PremiumAs my business is growing and clients are coming in, I’ve found myself with less and less time to update my own Social Media accounts. Planning  ahead and managing tasks in bulk have become a priority, so I decided to upgrade my accounts for Kippt, Buffer, Dlvr.it & SocialBro.

In this post I will explain how the Premium version of these tools is freeing up my time. Time I have to dedicate to the Social Media acccounts of my clients!

1. Kippt Pro

As mentioned in 17 Tools to effectively manage your Social Media accountsKippt is my main tool for curating content. Everything I want to keep for later is sent to a thematic list at Kippt. I have been breaking down those lists in ever more detailed lists, so the number of lists has been growing steadily.

I decided to upgrade to Kippt Pro because it allows me:

1. to organize my lists into folders
2. to do an advanced search to find back articles I’ve saved
3. to create an unlimited amount of private lists (the free version only allows 10)

Kippt PremiumThe only downside I’m experiencing is that I can’t connect the browser version with my Buffer account. It does work though on the iPhone app Kippster, so I’ve used that as a workaround.

Another feature I’m missing is the possibility to add tags, so I can categorize articles across lists. I would like to tag for examples the selected articles for feeding Facebook & Twitter and afterwards tag them as ‘Facebooked’ or ‘Tweeted’ to avoid double posting of a certain article. My workaround here is using the “favorite” button for selected articles and adding a note for posted articles.

2. Buffer Awesome Plan

The Bufferapp has definitely gained my preference over Hootsuite for scheduling posts, because:

  • the grabbing & dragging around of scheduled tweets is just fantastic
  • for adding images, Buffer is far more user friendly than Hootsuite
  • unlike HootSuite, Buffer DOES support link shortening with bit.ly, which is very useful for keeping all your link statistics on a single shortener

There are however some downsides compared to Hootsuite: correcting a scheduled “buff” afterwards is rather limited, as you can’t delete neither replace an image, and it is not possible [update] to change the time of a “custom scheduled” post.Buffer Dashboard

These are the reasons why I decided to switch to the “Awesome” plan:

1. Unlimited amount of “buffs”
The free plan only gave me up to 10 pre-scheduled “buffs” (Tweets, Facebook posts) per account at a time, so it was impossible to schedule ahead for let’s say 1 week (at least not on Twitter).

2. Connecting multiple accounts
The Awesome plan allows me to connect more than one account per social profile. This means that for Twitter I can connect both my English @lizebizz and my Spanish @lizebcn account, and for Facebook I can connect both my personal profile and my fan page. In total, the plan allows  to add up to 12 social profiles (any combination of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn profiles, Google+ pages,…).

3. Flexible scheduling day by day
The free plan forces you to send out the “buffs” at the same scheduled time, every day you wish your buffs to go out. With the Awesome plan, I can schedule the scheduled times differently for each day of the week. This is very useful for scheduling my Facebook posts according to the Facebook Insights of “when my fans are online”.

3. Dlvr.it Pro

As I have 2 accounts to feed, Twitter is definitely consuming most of my time, especially when I am trying to follow the rules I’ve established:

  • tweeting out between 6 and 10 tweets on weekdays
  • having read the article of the link I’m tweeting out
  • including both the @username of the author and the blog owner
  • adding a hashtag
  • adding an image

Although my followers, retweets & mentions have grown steadily during the past 4 months, this strategy appears to be too time-consuming –  I simply can’t keep up with reading around 50 articles a week while also working for clients.

But because I didn’t want to give up the pulse of my tweeting frequency, I looked for a semi-automated way of sending out daily tweets. Dlvr.it came with a solution. It allows me to add the RSS feed of my favorite blogs and automatically tweet out newly published articles, at a time schedule and frequency I can program. It also allows for including a @username set as a prefix or suffix, and supports preset or automated hashtags.Dlvr.it dashboard

Although I am using it only for Twitter, the tool also allows automatic publishing to other social networks. Why did I decide for the Pro plan? Simple. Because the free plan only allows to retrieve 5 different feeds and Pro lets me tweet out from a maximum of 50 different blogs!

4. SocialBro Pro

SocialBro is useful to keep up with my Twitter Follow-Back Policy. It helps me to:

  • bulk followback & welcome new followers
  • detect the ones that unfollow me
  • unfollow those that don’t follow me back within a week

I upgraded to the Premium version mainly because I felt the need to use the calendar, apply more filters and to retrieve detailed statistics about the best time to tweet.

SocialBro Dashboard

[update] Since October 2013 it is now possible to edit the time of a custom scheduled post in Bufferapp. Not only can you edit times for custom schedules, you can also switch a post from custom scheduled to Buffer scheduled and vice-versa. Great improvement!

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    Hi Lize, glad you are enjoying dlvr.it! much more to come…

    founder, dlvr.it

  2. Reply Mana Sep 12,2013 2:07 am

    I thoroughly agree with all of these. I’m a huge fan of SocialBro. You may like this tutorial I wrote for Entrepreneur Mag: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/228113

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